Getting things going!

As we fly through the Summer, always accompanied by thoughts and worries of the Covid situation, Rosie and I are still out adventuring whenever we can.

It was a beautiful day on Wednesday and a friend’s Birthday. She wanted to celebrate by swimming around Burgh Island at Bigbury, one of our favourite haunts.

Firstly, the girls and Steve swam and I did the kayak safety cover and later I swam and the rest kayaked around.

We’re so lucky to be able to choose our days off according to the weather forecast!

Even so, I have finally been spending more time at the studio lately, initially finishing a few pre Covid paintings off and then trying to get my ideas together for new paintings.

I’ve found that sometimes, during these strange times, it’s very difficult to get yourself motivated to work. Even though I really enjoy it.

I’ve spoken to many other people who have the same or similar problems with getting their backsides in gear!

Anyway, in the end I just picked on four ideas that I had thought of tackling got their initial sketches out and went at them all at once!

My theory was that if I got stuck, fed up or lost momentum with one, then there was always another to get into and re-inspire me.

It seems to have worked so far.

The photograph shows three of these in their very early days.

Still so much to do and I’ve got to loosen up a lot more as I work into these paintings. It’s so easy to be drawn into too much detail especially when you haven’t been painting enough recently.

It’s bit of a battle sometimes! But great fun. 😊


On to other things:

I’m now in discussions with Plymouth City Council as to how and when I can start up my Art Groups again at one of their Community Centres.

We’re hopeful of a September start if we can fulfil the Covid safety plan’s conditions.

It will be so good to see everyone there again.


It’s also been fantastic to be able to meet people at my studio and show what I’m doing.

Visits are by arrangement only as I can’t take in more than an individual or a couple at once with the current restrictions.

If you would like to come and visit please message me to check that I’ll be there. I could be out sketching, playing or sorting out my Art Groups.

The last painting here is the recently finished “Secret Beach, Kingsand” , soon to be up for sale in my shop


Paul Acraman-seascape-painting-Algarve-Ponta da Piedade, Lagos 2