Happy New Year ??

Here is my first blog of 2021, sorry it’s so late!

February is, for me, one of the worst months and I don’t expect anything will be better this year.

Rosie and I usually try to be away, somewhere warmer and brighter for most of the month but that is not going to happen this time!

Anyway, I’m still at the studio and painting, Rosie and I are both still healthy and surviving the crisis so far – long may it continue. ( the surviving not the crisis! ) We consider ourselves incredibly lucky.

I’m still getting out and sketching, which keeps the ideas flowing and I’ve set myself a little studio project doing small paintings in oils to keep myself painting directly and without fiddling. Each work has to be painted quickly, and in one sitting, wherever possible. This is also very good for sharpening up my painting techniques.

The website and my Etsy shop are doing well considering the circumstances, with plenty of folks liking what I’m doing and sales are picking up again.

In order to help with this, I’ve decided to stop all of my delivery charges through my Etsy sales.

So, from today, all of my Etsy sales will be free delivery anywhere in mainland UK. By the way, I have not sneakily added the cost on to the price of the paintings!

Please have a look at the shop if you get a chance it’s at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PaulAcramanArtist 


If you’re local to the Plymouth area and wish to buy direct from me, I will do a contactless, free delivery service for you as well as a click and collect from the studio.

I do hope that you are all staying safe, sane, warm and dry and I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you as soon as is possible.