About Paul

Despite being born and brought up in the Midlands, I somehow fell into being an artist specialising in seascapes. After studying ceramics at Art College, I moved to the West Country and settled in Plymouth in Devon in 1980. I found new friends – and a wife – and was introduced to sailing, surfing, sea swimming, cliff walking and many more pleasures of being in Devon and Cornwall.

After producing studio ceramics for ten years I found that a change was needed. I had found myself transfixed by the beauty, light, colour and movement of the sea and began to draw and paint professionally. I kept solvent in the early days by running a few art classes and my art groups are still a huge part of my life.

My own work has gone through many stages of development over the years, working in many media and styles, always striving to show the magical, visual qualities of nature. The two main aims of my work are to bring pleasure or peace to the viewer and to show the incredible beauty of the world that I see as an artist and try and pass this on to those who may have missed it.

My favourite subjects are seas, skies and trees with their constantly changing patterns and moods.

I usually start working with quick sketches in pen and wash made in situ and back these up with a few photos. Then everything comes back to the studio. I try and produce the final painting directly without too much fiddling, often using a palette knife to discourage me from being too picky.

I aim for strong, bright paintings that are more than just representational pictures. Light, seas, water, skies and trees provide a continuing challenge demanding different techniques, styles and media.

When I paint, I always strive to capture the colours, movement and the spirit of what I am experiencing when out in nature. I still work in many different media, generally favouring acrylics, watercolours and oils.

I have been painting professionally for over 25 years, and nowadays I mostly sell my work through solo exhibitions which I set up myself, through the internet and social media or directly from my Studio.

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