I am just about ready to open the studio, for appointments only for now!

I’m really looking forward to seeing people again and showing them where I am and what I’ve been doing.

I’m also more than a little apprehensive about how it will work and how I can keep people and myself safe.

It will mean plenty of hand gel and spray plus plenty of social distancing or ”The Corona Dance” as I call it! A sidestep here and a backstep there, a shimmy to the left and two to the right as we try to work out where the other person is heading.

This is not about “selling” it’s just about saying “I’m here” and having a look round and a chat. I can’t make you coffees at the moment but The Galley Kitchen is open for takeaway drinks if you want refreshments.

So, initially for next week, appointments are available on Wednesday Thursday and Friday the 1st 2nd and 3rd of July and we will see how it works and if I need to change anything.

Then Rosie and I are away for a few days break during which I can assess how it’s gone, and we will be planning to take more appointments when we get back from Monday July 13th..

The Studio is at the far end of the two huge hangars on your right, along Lawrence Road, heading down towards The Mount Batten breakwater, the car park is on your left overlooking the sea and is free!

The postal address is:
Paul Acraman Artist
Unit 2.4 Western Hangar, Lawrence Road, Mount Batten, Plymouth, UK

As you get to end of the hangars you should start to see my signs and those of the other artists and framers that are there.

I’ll have to get Joe from Plymouth Design to get a map up on the website!

Anyway, if you can email me through the website or directly to paulacraman@hotmail.co.uk , or ring me on 07913 290155 to sort out a time and date that would be brilliant and I’ll look forward to seeing you.


On to other things.

With the weather so good this last week and the forecast not so good for next week, I took a couple of days off and Rosie and I visited two of our favourite places.

St. Ives is still eerily quiet for the moment although that is set to change very soon! The colours are wonderful as always and we managed a surf as well.

The next day we saw our great friends Tracey and Matt at Cawsand, talked for hours, walked to a secret beach that I’m in the middle of painting and had a glorious swim. It is still cold!

Soon hopefully the Weston Maid Ferry to Cawsand will be back in action, the sketch at the top of this blog was made last year.

I have more paintings planned of St. Ives, Cawsand and Kingsand, especially the ferry and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into them!

All the best