I’m now preparing the Studio for OPEN STUDIOS next weekend!
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August.

Come and see the Mount Batten Artists in their studios –  myself along with Jensen Designs and Hangar Five Gallery. On Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August.

Most of the artists are opening from 11 – 2pm but I will be there until 4.00 each day in case it’s busy and you want some quieter time  to see him when it’s easier to social distance.

The Studio is at the far end of the two huge hangars on your right, along Lawrence Road, heading down towards The Mount Batten breakwater, the car park is on your left overlooking the sea and is free!

We are at Western Hangar, Lawrence Road, Mount Batten, Plymouth, UK

As you get to end of the hangars you should start to see my signs and those of the other artists and framers that are there.

There is a map on my “Contact me” page on my website  :  https://paulacramanartist.co.uk/contact-me/   .

It would be great to see you and show you my new place.

In the meantime, here’s another painting to look at.

It is the little “swimming pool” on the River Plym just downstream of Cadover Bridge.

It’s the first place that Rosie and I visited after the strict lockdown when we weren’t allowed to drive anywhere, and of course she had to celebrate with a dip!

So, I started it some time ago and have reworked it over the last months. It’s probably time that I stopped as I think I’ve forgotten exactly what I wanted to do with it!

Anyway, it’s done now and will be at the Open Studio along with many other paintings and lots of hand-gel!